Sensitisation campaign on major aspects of safety and health

Considering its mission to prevent occupational risks, the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) is developing occupational risk maps (RP) to refine its prevention strategy.

The various findings show that:

  • The absence of occupational health and safety committees (CHSs) in many obliged enterprises;
  • The absence of medical surveillance or inappropriate medical surveillance (which does not take into account the occupational risk exposures of employees);
  • The increase in occupational diseases and accidents due to unprotected exposure to occupational risks, which is exacerbated by new forms of work;
  • Insufficient information to employees on (i) the dangers to which they are exposed, (ii) the risks to their health, (iii) the means of protection, etc. 

This state of affairs has challenged the social security body on the importance and necessity of organizing an awareness campaign on the significant aspects of Safety and Health at Work, namely:

  • Identification and assessment of occupational risks 
  • Information and training of workers on occupational risks and ways of protecting themselves.
  • The right of workers to a safe and healthy working environment, through implementing policies and programs on Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Emergency measures to deal with health emergencies.
  • Periodic monitoring of the effectiveness of the Occupational Safety and Health policies and programs implemented.

The campaign, which began on Thursday 28 September 2023 with a webinar, goes ahead with scientific communications organized in the targeted companies by the OHS experts, occupational doctors, and a doctor ORL.

This campaign includes a competition on ‘Good practices to combat noise pollution in the workplace’. All interested companies are invited to apply by 10 October 2023 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Audiometric screening is also organized, at a promotional price of 10,000 CFA francs, conducted in health units which will be indicated in due course.