2024 IWD: Women celebrated in style at the NSIF

On the 8th of March 2024, women working in Yaounde brought to a close in style a week of useful and enjoyable activities dedicated to the celebration of the 39th International Women's Rights Day.

 It all began with the parade down 20 May Boulevard. 81 women from the social security institution working in Yaounde, elegantly dressed in "8 March loincloths", took part in the traditional parade.


Under the theme of the 39th IWD: "Invest in women: accelerate progress", the ladies of the NSIF took the opportunity of this day to make their voice heard on the necessary social protection of domestic workers: "The NSIF registration is an investment in the future of your domestic workers and your family ", was the message on the banner prepared for this purpose.

The parade was also the apotheosis of a week of activities organised by the Association of Dynamic Women of the NSIF (ADYNAFE), under the sub-theme: "Promoting the well-being of women in the company". Three conference debates were held, focusing on gender-based violence, social protection, and the prevention of women's cancers. Talking about the violence to which women are subjected, whether in the home, at school, or in the workplace, the Human Rights Commission of the Cameroon Bar Association: "When you are subject to violence, you must report it, take victims into protected areas, care for them and listen to them", insisted Maître Dorcas Mirette Nkongme.



Within the institution, the protection of women against all types of harassment is not up for debate. Through service note No.31/18/DG/DACI/CNPS of 23 May 2018, the Director General has made the fight against sexual harassment, of which women are the majority victims, a priority. This decision complies with the actions taken to protect women and promote gender equality.


Women currently account for around 48% of the total workforce. 53.3% of the positions of responsibility to be filled at the NSIF, from chief of office to Director of central administration, are held by women. It is well known that Mr Noël Alain Olivier MEKULU MVONDO AKAME is committed to promoting the inclusive participation of women, not because they are women, but because of their ability to manage, thereby contributing to the realisation of a managerial vision based on the constant improvement of service quality through innovation, good governance, effectiveness, and efficiency.


In the afternoon, celebrations kicked off with the presentation of a beautiful bunch of flowers, on behalf of the Director General of the NSIF, to Séraphine Samba, the current oldest member of the Institution. This moment of convivial relaxation provided an opportunity to showcase talents through a variety of artistic presentations. All of which served to enhance and make more enjoyable this commemorative day in honour of women.