Our values

Dear Client You are the reason for existence of our Institution, the core of our activities.
Our qualified Staff is always ready to listen to you.


We guarantee an objective service, without any discrimination, in compliance with the regulations in force.


The probity of our Staff is an imperative. The service is provided without compensation.


We guarantee the protection of your personal data and any claims through a secure information system. Innovative attitude. We do everything necessary to adapt our operations to the requirements of a permanently moving society. We are committed to the disability approach, specifically with regard to the accessibility of our premises (access ramps, audio lifts with Braille keys) and other facilities such as priority in the treatment of files. Innovation means going beyond the limits of performance. At the NSIF, innovation is our credo.


Your rights and duties are communicated to you on a permanent basis, by available Staff and through a multiform communication network: mail, telephone, flyers, internet, etc.

To ensure total transparency, the direct telephone and e-mail contacts of the Director General, Directors in the Central Services and Chiefs of Centre are permanently displayed in our reception desks for the attention of all our clients.


To serve you, all our actions are underpinned by the triptych "budgetary savings, efficiency and value creation", in strict compliance with the legality of acts. We also work every day to control response times.


Quality is our permanent goal. Therefore, we regularly organise satisfaction surveys.

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