Organizational chart

RESOLUTION N ° 73/2019 / CNPS / PCA OF 06 DECEMBER 2019 ON THE ORGANIZATION OF THE CENTRAL SERVICES OF THE NATIONAL SOCIAL PREVOYANCE FUND THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE NATIONAL SOCIAL PREVOYANCE FUND MEETING IN EXTRAORDINARY SESSION ON 06 DECEMBER IN YAOUNDE. CONSIDERING the need for services; AFTER debates; ADOPTS THE RESOLUTION OF WHICH THE CONTENT FOLLOWS: TITLE I: GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1: The National Social Security Fund (CNPS) is placed under the authority of a Director General, possibly assisted by a Deputy Director General. Article 2: For the performance of its missions, the General Management has at the headquarters of the organization: the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors; related Services; of Central Services. Article 3: The Services attached to the General Management include: the Private Secretariat of the Director General (SPDG); the Private Secretariat of the Deputy Director General (SPDGA); the Technical Advisers (TC); the Chargé de mission (CM); the Department of Studies, Communication and Translation (DECT); the Cooperation Service (SC); the General Security Service (SSG); the Mail Service (SC); the Permanent Secretariat to the Complainant Appeals Committee. EXTERNAL SERVICES: are grouped into 04 regional directorates DRCSE (Regional Directorate of South and East Center): 12 Social welfare centers DRLSO (Regional Directorate of Littoral and Sud-oues): 11 Social welfare centers DRONO (Regional Directorate of West and North-West): 06 Social welfare centers DRANEN (Regional Directorate of Adamaoua, North and Far North): 05 Social welfare centers