The NSIF athletics club came first out of the 26 athletics schools that took part in the 3rd edition of the Youth Academic and Sports Scholarship Assistance (YASSA) Poussinardes athletics competition on Wednesday the 23rd of August at the Annex No. 2 Stadium in the Olembe complex.

The emblem of the NSIF has been elevated to the pantheon of national youth athletics. The third edition of the Yassa “Poussinardes” athletics competition brought together 26 schools, including the NSIF. A medal hunt was organised at the Olembe complex, which enabled the young competitors from the NSIF club to distinguish themselves through their performances.

Speaking of performances, the performances of Léna Kouoh, voted best athlete in the U10 category, and Ariel Essamba U16, best in the high jump with a performance of one metre ninety, set the NSIF athletics club apart from the rest. Nathalie Atangana, president of the NSIF athletics club, justifies these performances by discipline and hard work: “The first thing the athletics club is good at is discipline. It goes beyond the stadium, it's at every level, including school. We don't give up on the children. Generally, when the children's performance drops, we give them a few refresher exercises in addition to monitoring, and we get the results we're looking for”.

As well as athletic performance, the health of young athletes is also a priority for the club. All the athletes are monitored by a close-knit system put in place by the school's executive, enabling regular communication with parents to continue to apply disciplinary instructions and encourage their development on the field. “We have meetings and get-togethers with parents to find out how their children are behaving at home. We take the opportunity to advise them on what their children should and shouldn't eat, to promote their health and raise their standards. We communicate with everyone, even parents who are out of town” added Nathalie Atangana.

 A system that is rapidly bearing fruit through the performances of Moustapha Amiran, U12 and already a middle-distance specialist, in the 600 to 5,000 metres, Hendji Michelle in the 100 metres and Moubitang Ashley in the 300 metres, for the sprint races, in the U14 and U12 categories respectively. Our NSIF athletics school offers insurance that covers our athletes during their training and competitions, which is an added advantage. We also have the know-how and experience to welcome and support children. Even if one of them is the last, we encourage them to persevere to achieve their goals. We encourage children to develop a real passion for this discipline because it is through it that they will be able to become champions. In this way, we train the future champions of the NSIF Athletics School.

The competition will end on the 26th of August 2023, with the medal ceremony hosted by the Deputy Manager, Josée Dussoulier, promoter of the YASSA 'Poussinardes'.