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Health coverage : new conditions explained to personnel

The sensitisation on the advantages offered by the new insurance company was launched on Tuesday 21 June 2017, in the conference hall of the Social Insurance Centre of Yaounde-independence.

The innovations were explained in the simplest manner by the representative of the insurance company, M. Bella George. The Policy that has a duration of twenty six months and went operational from May 2017, provides 100% coverage for hospitalisation and care expenses for personnel of the second group, as opposed to the 80% offered by the previous insurer as well as the extension of the age of children insured. School children above 21 years will equally benefit from this coverage provided they present a school attendance certificate to the insurer. These innovations, added to the introduction of biometric cards to facilitate access to the services, could only be applauded by the personnel.

Emphasis was equally laid on the procedure to enjoy these benefits. A declaration of illness on duly completed and signed insurance form; a medical prescription issued by a physician; a payment receipt, when it concerns the doctor’s fees or physiotherapy expenses, eye-glasses etc…, and a detailed bill attached to the payment receipt when it concerns pharmacy, radiology or laboratory in general.

For the policy to be profitable to both the institution (CNPS, Ndlr) and the insurer, we insist on people to be honest”, Mrs. TASINDA Mathilda, Service Head for Insurance Policies of CNPS, cautioned. This was in a bid to discourage any fraud. It is with much enthusiasm that she appraised the Director General’s Manager’s decision to subscribe at the new insurance company which according to her “offers better advantages than the former insurer.

As concerns other aspects from the previous policy, no changes were observed. Staffs are divided into two groups to ensure proportionate granting of benefits. The first group comprises the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General, Deputy Director General, Technical Advisers, Directors and those ranking as such, and the second group includes chiefs of centres, Service Heads, junior staff and those ranking as such.

The campaign which will continue in all the other Social Insurance Centres across the national territory will be conducted by mixed teams (CNPS and insurance company). This is proof that the top management of CNPS does not spare any effort to provide means to ensure the best health coverage for the entire personnel of CNPS.

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