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Mobile Payment: NSIF, Orange Partners

The partnership agreement on the payment of social security contributions and family allowances through Orange Money was signed this Wednesday, May 22, 2019, by the Directors General of both Institutions in Yaounde.

To further facilitate the payment of social security contributions to the NSIF on one hand, and facilitate the payment of family allowances to beneficiaries on the other hand”. That is briefly stated, the reason for the new partnership between the National Social Insurance Fund and Orange Cameroon S.A., according to Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame. The Director General of the NSIF signed the partnership agreement together with his counterpart, Frédéric Debord, in the meeting room of the NSIF Board of Administrators, in the presence of senior officials of both Institutions and the media.

It is a “win-win partnership”, said the NSIF DG. “Everyone will certainly benefit from this partnership; and in particular employers, voluntary insured and beneficiaries of family allowances,” he added. Indeed, after having completed their online declaration on the website www.cnps.cm, employers will be able to instantly pay their social security contributions via the Orange Money platform. For voluntary insured persons, simply dial #150*45# and follow the instructions. “All of which makes it possible to put an end to penalties for late payment caused by delays in banks and which were long criticised by employers,”confirmed the top manager of the NSIF.

Similarly, beneficiaries of family allowances will only have to provide their Orange telephone number in order to receive their benefits in real time through their phones, whether or not they are android. The Director General of Orange Cameroon S.A. stated that: “Simplifying life for the people of Cameroon is our motto. In this respect, we are in line with the vision of the National Social Insurance Fund . This suggests that this partnership will undoubtedly bring greater satisfaction to customers who are increasingly accustomed to using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and who are demanding in terms of service quality.

This other initiative, which falls within the framework of the dematerialisation of services and the simplification of procedures, confirms the reality according to which, satisfaction of populations remains a major issue, and quality of service, the priority of all times for the top management of the NSIF.

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