Perfect Agreement between the NSIF and Afreximbank

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The Top Management of the African Export-Import Bank paid a friendly visit to the Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) on Thursday, 30 June 2022. It was also an opportunity to present its new Head of Mission for Central Africa.


The NSIF-Afreximbank relationship is rising positively. A large delegation from the Pan-African financial institution visited the Director General of the NSIF. The team led by René Awambeng, Director of Client Relations, was there for two main reasons. The first is to introduce his new Central African representative, Mr Ibrahim Bagarama. The second reason for this visit was to inquire about the progress of the work on the NSIF commercial building for the Afreximbank development. The Director General has given his assurance that the building shall be operational as of November 2022.

Another important announcement during this fruitful exchange was the satisfactory progress of the project relating to the construction of an ultra-modern health facility, the fruit of the cooperation between the NSIF and the Afreximbank. That health facility shall be dedicated to the management of rare pathologies.


At the end of this meeting, the two entities reaffirmed their willingness to explore other areas of cooperation for the happiness of the most vulnerable social classes.

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