Warning!!! Scam

A scammer posing as a staff of the Social Insurance Centre Ngaoundere contacts clients on 691 66 22 32 and asks them to send stamp fees to the same number via the Orange Money operator for their files. Unfortunately, this despicable activity has already resulted in victims who have been abused by responding favourably to these requests for money transfers.

The Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) informed the public that this is a scam on the clients. A complaint against unknown persons has been submitted to the Adamawa Regional Division of the Judicial Police, as well as a letter sent to the Orange operator's Ngaoundere branch.

Therefore, the Director General invites the public to be extremely vigilant, but also to denounce such acts, in order to catch the said scammer and held him accountable before the competent courts.

We remain at your service.

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