Emotional Intelligence:The Director General shared his expertise

Emotional Intelligence:The Director General shared his expertise


Conference has been organised by the Cabinet Afrique Empowerment.

The Top Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) captivated the attention of the assembly, during the conference with the theme: “emotional intelligence". Invited as a speaker, Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame elegantly and professionally demonstrated his ability to manage emotions for better results in the public company that he manages.

 The Director General considers the emotional intelligence as: "a management style that considers not only the manager’s knowledge, but also that of others. That is for those who receive our policies, decisions, actions, so that the interactions will be as simple as possible and will contribute for good management and decisions, efficient leadership, communication that allows mutual understanding ".

 In addition, the Director General of the NSIF pointed out that, beyond the classic management tools, good management of emotions helped him to carry out greatest reforms to improve the quality of service. "We have to express our indignation about bad situations in order to change them radically. Let us be insured persons, pensioners, beneficiaries. What do they expect from us? Are they satisfied with the way we operate? If we were clients, would we be satisfied? It is all those elements that determined the major reforms we carried out, such as the one-day payment, the significant simplification of pension files, and e-services in general. In the way to facilitate access to our services due to our principle of empathy".

 So, controlling emotions is a growth driver. A Human Resources Official, who carefully followed the presentation of the Director General, noted that: " Today we learnt that all human beings are intelligent. We have to combine this intelligence with artificial intelligence before we reach emotional intelligence. What I learnt is that we must make decisions that will have positive impact in our environment. If we do so, the results will be interesting for us ".

 At the end of this fruitful meeting, the participants left fully satisfied.

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