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IWD 2023: Support for orphans at Nkolbisson

The team of the Directorate of Finance and Accounting (TEAM DFC) provided support to the occupants of the “Notre dame de la miséricorde orphanage” on the 8th of March 2023.


The DFC team brought joy to the 32 occupants of the "Notre Dame de la Miséricorde Orphanage" located in Nkolbisson (Yaounde VII Sub Division) on Wednesday, 8th March 2023. Gifts were given to them as well as a “sadaka” in memory of their colleague, the late Balkissou Madi, who died last 30th January. These gifts consisted of foodstuffs, clothes, bedsheets, shoes, a freezer and a special gift from the Director of Finance and Accounting.

The arrival of the team led to a moment of communion and the children expressed their gratitude through several displays consisting of songs, dances, and recitations before the presentation of the gifts.


I would like to thank Sister Julienne for all the work she has done with all these children who are very fulfilled, inventive, creative, friendly, full of life, intelligent and passionate. We are aware of the difficulties she is experiencing, especially in this context of soaring prices. We therefore felt it was important to support her,” explained Nadia Momo, spokesperson for Team DFC today.

 For Sister Julienne, promoter of the orphanage We know that we are not worthy of receiving you here, but it is through your love that we become worthy because you have chosen us, poor and destitute as we are, to make us happy and we thank you for that , she said.   The exuberant joy was visible in the eyes of these children, who are nevertheless homeless. We have submitted the application papers that we were asked to do. We are still waiting for feedback although the ministry has reassured us that it’s in process and they continue to work with us. We are in need of a house at the moment, even if the house is made from wood, because soon the donor who has put his house at our disposal temporarily will ask us to leave she added.


The ceremony ended with a family photograph.

Presentation by the DG at the cocktail debate