ISSA Recognition Programme: The NSIF once again awarded!

The Director General received on Thursday, 18 May 2023 in Abidjan, the Certificate of Excellence for the successful implementation of the guidelines on error, evasion, and fraud in Social Security systems.

Error, evasion, and fraud are all behaviours that aim to reduce or divert the amounts of social contributions or benefits. These are therefore major concerns for the NSIF, as they are for all social protection Institutions because the sustainability of these systems depends on significantly reducing these risks.

Since the implementation of digitisation, the operation to verify the authenticity of civil status documents and school certificates (OVAPECS), the cleaning up of files, the monthly payment of social benefits, the banking of pensioners, the annual double identification of people over 70 years of age for proof of life, the setting up of data exchange platforms with administrations dealing with the same public, etc., A great deal of work has been done to reduce the harmful effects of these scourges and thus guarantee the rights of insured persons managed by the NSIF.

The ISSA recognition, which is valid for three years, is a crowning achievement for all efforts made, not only by the Top management but also by staff, who are honoured.

As the Director General of the NSIF explains: " When we receive an award like this, first of all, we are proud to achieve the results we are looking for and, above all, to receive this international recognition ranking us among the serious institutions that operate in compliance with accepted standards in the field”.

It is also a challenge to make more efforts and to perform better in order to meet our commitments to workers and social insured persons because Social Security is a right for all.

It should be recalled that the NSIF is to date the only Social Security Institution in Africa to hold four ISSA certifications in terms of guidelines. Indeed, the NSIF already obtained recognition in terms of Quality of services, Recovery of social contributions, and Governance in 2017, 2021, and 2022.

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