Public-Private Sectors Partnerships

How to make it an asset for the effective development of States?

Yesterday in Douala, the Director General took part in the workshop on the financing of institutions dedicated to Public-Private Sectors Partnerships (PPP).

This is part of the 2021 edition of the Pro Meet UP and Learn, under the main theme: "ZLECAF: how the financing and development of the industry can be a support to the growth dynamics of Member States". Several high-level panellists were invited, including the Top Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) intervened on the 2nd panel on the theme: "Public-Private Partnerships: how to make them an asset for the real development of States". The panellists presented the stakes of PPPs for local institutions, explained the existing mechanisms necessary for the local and inter-regional implementation of PPPs and suggested appropriate financial instruments to optimise the attractiveness of projects for investors.

Noël Alain Olivier MEKULU MVONDO AKAME's contribution consistency allowed the participants to learn about the concept of African coherence; the issues at stake for Africa to identify and integrate endogenous concepts in order to succeed in its development and achieve its emergence and finally to show how to integrate African coherence in African economic models and in PPP investments, in order to make it an asset for the development of African economies. The NSIF took advantage of PPPs to modernise the Essos Hospital Centre (CHE), to improve the quality of service and to make key investments.


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