Together for a Better Promotion of Voluntary Insurance Among the Diaspora

The partnership agreement was signed on Tuesday, the 14th of March 2023 by the heads of the two institutions in the NSIF Board of Directors conference room in Yaounde.

 The National Social Insurance Fund and the Dias'Invest 237 Club have decided to work together for the interest of voluntarily insured persons from the Cameroonian Diaspora. The partnership agreement sealed in the presence of officials of the said administrations aims at defining the actions and the framework of collaboration and partnership between the two parties in order to guide, supervise, accompany, and support initiatives to facilitate the knowledge of the services and products of the NSIF among the Cameroonian Diaspora.

 For the president of the Dias'Invest Club “it’s the expression of a common desire to promote Voluntary Insurance among the constructive and proactive diaspora”, she said.

 Furthermore, Christiane Mpongo epse Kono, CTG and representative of the DG at the ceremony said: “As the Head of State said, the Cameroonian Diaspora is counted among those who must build the country. It is therefore a good idea for us to also allow this diaspora to contribute to their old age in order to ensure their social protection”.

 In any case, this union between the two institutions aimed at promoting voluntary insurance among the Cameroonian diaspora will further contribute to expanding the voluntary insurance scheme.

 Wishing this new and promising partnership well.

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