NSIF Pays Glowing Tribute to Ekambi Brillant

The National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF) on Thursday, 9th February 2023 organised a tribute concert in memory of the artist Ekambi Brillant at the Conference Hall of the Social Insurance Centre, Yaounde Independence.

The glittering icon of Cameroonian music passed away on the 12th of December 2022. The shadow of death covered the brilliant artist, the precursor of Makossa, at the age of 74. Henceforth, brilliantly laid down in the twenty or so albums left behind, only his voice will keep the artist alive or his fans dancing. In recognition of this work that has sold the image of Cameroon around the world, the Director General of the NSIF and all his collaborators paid a glowing tribute to the memory of the star in the presence of his family. It was therefore through a ceremony filled with colours and emotions that the artist was celebrated at the National Social Insurance Fund. The programme included a musical performance, an exhibition of the documentary and tributes on behalf of the artist who brought Cameroonian music to the world stage.

 In a very special way, the NSIF recognises the man beyond his musical career, but through his contribution to the promotion of Voluntary Insurance and pays him a vibrant tribute “the highest wave of the river Wouri has washed ashore on the firm ground of the ancestors. May his voice live on forever, and may the people be grateful for the happiness he has brought to them through his music and his only songs. We, therefore, give you this condolence book, which is a tribute from all the NSIF staff, and I ask you to keep it very well” stated Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame.

 Ekambi Brillant has made generations of Cameroonians and Africans dream and dance through his sumptuous melodies to the rhythm of Makossa music. Whatever one may say, the artist does not die! The notes, the words, and the reflection he leaves behind are the continuity of his being. In spite of the pain of his departure that engulfs us and leaves us speechless, we will continue to hum in our hearts the few mythical songs of this monument of Cameroonian music.

 Together and in unison with the choir “La voix de prévoyance” of the NSIF, the Top Manager and the Directors sang the name of the artist. Go and rest in peace the legend!

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