Obituary: Once Brilliant, Always Brilliant

EKAMBI EKAMBI Louis Brillant, also known by his pseudonym MOT A MUENYA (distinguished man in Douala language) has just hung up his guitar and microphone at the age of 74. The sad news, like a fairy tale melody carried by a magical wave, crisscrossed the national and international musical space in the wee hours of the morning of the 12th of December 2022.

The author and composer of the song “Musungédi”, known as “le sauveur”, dropped his microphone at the Laquintinie Hospital in Douala. EKAMBI EKAMBI Louis Brillant was born on the 18th of June 1948 in Douala to a merchant and cultural promoter named EKAMBI Brillant and EKAMBI Claire, a housewife, and native of Djébalè. His passion for music began at a very young age when he lived with his maternal grandparents in Djébalè (a suburb of Douala), by listening to canoeists singing on their way back from their trips to the sea

 When he was enrolled at the Lycée Général Leclerc in Yaounde in 1962, he was particularly interested in the music class where he learned and developed the art of music and the mastery of instruments such as the guitar. In 1971, at the age of 23, he stopped his studies in Form Five. He went to Douala, the springboard of his brilliant musical career, where he won a musical competition whose jury was composed of the late Manu DIBANGO and Francis BEBEY. Through this little story, we have every reason to mourn EKAMBI Brillant because he stood as a testimony for all music lovers. He made generations of Cameroonians and Africans dream and dance through his sumptuous melodies to the rhythm of Makossa music

Artists do not die, the tracts, the lyrics and the reflections they leave behind are the continuity of their life and their way of being alive. In a very special way, the NSIF recognises the man beyond his musical career, but through his contribution to the promotion of voluntary insurance, and pays him a vibrant tribute. In spite of the pain of his departure which leaves us speechless, we will continue to hum in our hearts the mythical songs of this colossus of Cameroonian songs ELONGUI, MUNA MUTO, MUSUNGEDI…  

 Long live the artist!

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