Oath-taking of 27 new prosecution officers

DRLSO/NSIF :The new batch of specialists in the forced

collection of social contributions fulfilled the ritual of taking the oath required by the duty, on Wednesday, 16 June 2021.

From 7:30 am, parents, spouses, friends and children of the 27 executives and chiefs of the Regional Directorate of the Littoral and South-West (DRLSO), who came to take oath as new prosecution and enforcement officers, were present at the esplanade of the Court of First Instance of Bonanjo. On the stairs leading to the courtroom, the chief of the Douala-Bonanjo centre, Béatrice Saïda, welcomed the initiative of the Top Management: "This is an opportunity to thank the top management for this other mark of confidence, allowing us to contribute more effectively to the recovery of debts".

During 45 minutes, the solemn civil hearing, that started at 10 a.m., was leading by the president of the Court of First Instance of Bonanjo, accompanied by the public prosecutor and a clerk.

The expectations were reminded to each of the new prosecution and enforcement officers of social security claims, and therefore, bearers of the constraints issued by the institution, within the framework of the forced recovery of social contributions. So that no one is unaware of this. From now on, they are authorised, on behalf of the Director General of the NSIF, to carry out any act prescribed by law, such as the notification of collection notices, formal notices, control reports, the service of fines and all the procedural acts necessary for their execution, as well as the collection of unpaid bonds.

This has led Herminette Yatchou, from the new batch of prosecution and enforcement officers, to increase their "dedication to work, to achieve results, in a professional manner and in strict compliance with procedures". As for the DRLSO, Jean Paul Biboum, he is very optimistic: "This new batch, made up of diversified expertise, will definitively fill the gap in operational technical stakeholders, while contributing to the intensification of actions for forced collection and collection of revenues from employers, whose debt is around 101 billion CFA francs to the DRLSO, of which only 20% is under a moratorium, and also workers and inactive clients owing unduly collected social benefits in the order of 200 million CFA francs".

After the famous "I swear", the persons promoted must now work with discretion, probity, integrity and efficiency. In order not to be exposed to heavy sanctions, in case of financial misconduct or practices prohibited by the procedures.


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