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CPS of Messa-si:The new beautiful building

The Chief of Project conducted a visit yesterday to the new building that now houses the Messa-si Social Insurance Centre.

The brand new building with 4 floors in addition to the ground floor is situated in Okolo. The Centre has about twenty offices. In the large room on the ground floor, you can see the counters of the Bureau Total, a reception and information desk, a rest room for users. It is good to live in the new CPS of Messa-si building. The Project Committee visited the site yesterday to assess the effectiveness of the transfer of all units from the old to the new building.

Accompanied by the Technical Advisor in charge of Governance, the Regional Director for the Centre, South and East and the Task Officer in charge of Quality of Service and Efficiency, the Project Manager toured the building. Going through the rooms one after the other, the Chief of Project made to some rearrangements during the meeting.

Indeed, the configuration of services in all Social Insurance Centres must be able to meet the criteria of speed and efficiency in processing cases. The Chief of the Centre integrated of all the observations made to him.