The mission of the National Social Insurance Fund is to serve, within the framework of the Government's general policy, various benefits provided for by social and family protection legislation.

As such, it covers three branches of social security:

·         Family Allowances (PF)

  • Old-age, Invalidity and Death Pension (PVID) 

  • Occupational Risk (RP)

The social protection scheme of Cameroon is based on solidarity; those who work contribute for those eligible to claim their pension rights. Thus, the main source of funding of the NSIF is social contributions paid by employers monthly.

Moreover, in an unstable socio-economic environment, where the Institution must ensure its obligations towards future generations, the NSIF has resorted to undertake investments that are economically and financially promising. Real estate is the chosen option. Hence the acquisition in January 2010 of the Camair building in Paris, rehabilitation of the ministerial building No. 1 in Yaounde, etc., which contribute to this investment policy directed towards productive sectors and presenting the guarantees of security and financial sustainability.

The Institution also invests in the constant improvement of health care supplies, within the framework of its health and social action. Thus, the major renovation of technical platforms of its health facilities was possible, with the acquisition of equipment which standsat the cutting edge of current technology.

Indeed, several innovations have been made within the framework of the consolidation of reserves to guarantee long-term funding of social benefits, while maintening stability in the management of the Institution, as recommended by international standards of social security.

Since 3 November 2014, the NSIF has been providing social protection for self-employed persons, who can register under the voluntary insurance scheme. This process of extension of social coverage enables workers of the informal sector, liberal professions, independent workers and even students, to register in one of the 38 Social Insurance Centres of the Institution on a voluntarily base as from the age of 14, of course, with parental consent.

At the NSIF, It is a real concern to be able to support the present, while strengthening the future of insured persons, our real bosses.