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NSIF: More Consistent Retirement Pensions

Thanks to the parametric reform that took place in February 2015, on the initiative of the President of the Republic, the highest monthly pension paid by the NSIF has risen from CFA 154 000 francs in 2008 to CFA 409 100 francs to date!

Pensioners of the NSIF, have a lot to thank the Head of State for. This is because, by signing Decree No. 2016/072 of 15 February 2016 that set the rates of social security contributions and the remuneration ceilings applicable in the branches of Family Benefits, Old-age, Invalidity and Death insurance pension, Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases managed by the NSIF, the Head of State gave the Cameroonian social security scheme the much-needed impetus.

A social security scheme which reflects in actual facts, the reaffirmed will and commitment of President Paul Biya: "We have a Growth and Employment Strategy Paper which seeks to modernise our country and improve the living conditions of the Cameroonian people,” said the Head of State on 15 October 2015, during a Ministerial Council held after the Government reshuffle of 02 October 2015.

The Decree of 15 February 2016 and its annex are therefore part of the presidential approach to the fight against poverty. Of course, the NSIF, which has been clamoring for this reform with respect to financing parameters of the regime it manages, applauded this Decree with both hands. Especially since the stagnation of the parameters for nearly three decades had led since 2007 to a progressive structural deficit in the pension branch, which in 2014 stood at CFAF 14.7 billion, an increase of CFAF 6.7 billion compared to 2013. In 2015, the pension branch's deficit was CFAF 16.4 billion.

This imbalance between social security contributions and benefits paid in the pension sector is now a distant memory. Thanks to the parametric reform initiated by the Decree of the Head of State, the deficit has been absorbed since 31 December 2016. The decree of 15 February 2016 authorised an increase in the rate of social security contributions from 7% to 8.4%, as well as an increase in the ceiling for contributions from CFAF 300,000 to 750,000. This led to a substantial increase in pensions. In concrete terms, as part of this reform, the highest monthly pension has increased from CFAF 154,000 in 2008 to CFAF 409,100 to date. This is a far cry from the pensions of 90,000 CFA francs at the time, paid for 15 years of activity; 150,000 CFA francs for 30 years of activity and average pensions of 67,000 CFA francs.

The NSIF, aware to have been created first and foremost for pensioners, does not intend to stop there. In the bid to improve the living conditions of its pensioners and with Government’s support, the Social Security Institution has proposed raising old pensions to enable former pensioners with low pension levels to meet the costs of living. These proposals have been written, based on proven solidity and financial performance, which show a net positive result of CFAF 62.3 billion as at 31 December 2018. And when these figures include the more than CFAF 200 billion financial reserves, it is understandable that the Head of State, through the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, urges us to constantly improve these performances.

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  • ENONGUE Dieudonné
    ENONGUE Dieudonné Thursday, 21 May 2020 07:49 Comment Link

    L'augmentation de 20% s'applique sur les 30% du salaire moyen mensuel, soit désormais 50% du salaire moyen mensuel comme base de calcul de la pension??

  • Batchami
    Batchami Friday, 02 August 2019 09:40 Comment Link

    Quel est le niveau de salaire minimum mensuel ou annuel qui vous donne droit à une pension mensuelle de 409 100 Fcfa?

  • Tchouta benoit
    Tchouta benoit Friday, 28 June 2019 13:42 Comment Link

    Suite a l'aménagement de la pension de retraite, les anciens pensionnaires ayant fait plus de 30 ans de cotisation toucheront environ combien actuellement ?

  • Nwadoum cedric
    Nwadoum cedric Friday, 28 June 2019 10:21 Comment Link

    Bjr cnps.
    Svp j'aimerais savoir quel procédure à suivre pour réclamer mes droits à mon patron qui décide à me payer un salaire de 45000frs au lieu de 100000frs fixer dans mon contrat ceci comme moyen de pression pour m'inciter à démissionner sans réclamer mes droits après 3 ans de service.
    Et en plus je ne suis pas cotiser à la cnps
    Dans l'attente d'une suite favorable, veuillez monsieur, recevoir mes salutations distinguées.

  • Gerard Nguemeta
    Gerard Nguemeta Thursday, 20 June 2019 17:44 Comment Link

    Bonjour ,
    j'ai besoin de quelques éclaircissements.

    "Concrètement, dans le cadre de cette réforme, la pension mensuelle la plus élevée est passée de 154 000 francs CFA en 2008 à 409 100 francs CFA à ce jour. On est bien loin des pensions de 90 000 francs CFA d’alors, payées pour 15 ans d’activité ; 150 000 francs CFA pour 30 ans d’activité et des pensions moyennes de 67 000 francs CFA."
    Dans la configuration actuelle , quelles sont les tranches de pensions payées pour les 15 ans et 30 ans d'activité ? Le plafond de 409 100 cfa ne nous parle pas du moins pour moi.
    Merci .

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