End of Year Wishes of the DG NSIF 2018

Dear Collaborators,

Throughout the year 2018 which is coming to an end, the NSIF pursued with serenity, its efforts towards modernity, with, more than before, commitment and determination to meet with the many challenges ahead. You know these challenges: to build together a truly modern Institution, that can ensure its sustainability and render immediate, quality service to its clients/ users, in a social responsible manner.

This is what we rightfully call permanent challenges for the present and future NSIF, an Institution that must, in all circumstances, be able to accomplish its primary mission, namely the total and complete social security coverage of Cameroonian workers.

In 2018, these challenges were even more acute in a very specific context. As you all know, 2018 was the first year of the start of our third strategic plan 2018-2022, which focuses primarily on the improvement of quality of service and the consolidation of our financial strength. A significant year in the existence and functioning of the NSIF. A year during which through our performances and results, we sought once again, to demonstrate our determination and our ambition to make the NSIF an institution in the full sense of the term, i.e. an institution steadily geared towards operational efficiency, quality of service, efficiency, innovation ...

I shall repeat it time and again, our ultimate ambition is to render immediate and quality service to our clients, our real bosses. This ambition must remain our trademark, our DNA. Its most visible effects in all the services of the NSIF include: shortening of file processing time; simplification of procedures; expansion and productivity of our assets and investments; optimisation of our information resources, improvement of organisational processes and internal control; versatility of staff; efficient management of human, financial and material resources; dematerialisation of activities; and digitalisation.

Have we, in 2018, improved in the above mentioned fields to the great satisfaction of social insured persons? I think I can reply positively, although I strongly believe that our abilities can allow us to do more and better. The analysis of our performances and results, with a few exceptions, gives us every reason to be optimistic. We have made enormous progress in all fields or domains, to the great satisfaction of social insured persons.


After having set the bar at such a high level in 2017, could it really be otherwise? History will recall that in the year 2017, the NSIF achieved a net income of CFA francs 54.3 billion. A financial performance which had significantly improved from the previously historical CFA francs 43.7 billion achieved during the fiscal year 2016!

History will equally recall that in 2017, the NSIF of Cameroon was crowned at the top of continental performance in terms of social security, by the International Social Security Association (ISSA). The seven awards granted to our Institution, as well as the Certificate of Excellence in Quality of Service, was a call on each of us, for more efficiency, more altruism at work, more ingenuity, promptness, professionalism and availability in the service we are required to provide to our clients.

2018 was equally marked by the continuation of historical reforms initiated by the Head of State, in the improvement and modernisation of Cameroon's social security system. On June 7, 2018, the President of the Republic signed Decree No. 2018/354 to reorganise and operate the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF). A historic Statement that had the immediate effect, inter alia, to smooth the management of the NSIF, by breaking some of its administrative red tapes and other unhealthy and corrupt practices of hitherto active instances within the Institution. Henceforth, we pay our suppliers in less than seven days (actually in 48 hours) from reception of their complete files. Nowhere else is there such an achievement in our country and in Africa, including in the private sector. We can therefore be more demanding of them on the quality of services and supplies than on the prices charged.

Dear collaborators, indicators of management of our Institution are on green. Thanks to the reforms initiated at the NSIF by the Head of State, the NSIF is doing well and can look into the future with confidence and serenity. The financial strength of the NSIF gives room for hopes in terms of increase of old-age pensions as required by President Paul Biya, with the aim to further improve the living conditions of retirees. The NSIF is committed to this project, in synergy with the government.

Our Institution must be able under all circumstances, to fully perform the missions for which it was created. That is why we are working to make it sustainable and financially sound through many high value-added investments. Moreover, it is also the reason why we take pride to integrate into our management, notions of governance such as discipline, budgetary accuracy and efficiency, fair price, utility of expenditure, transparency in public procurement contracts...

Of course, we are able to perform such achievements that honour the NSIF, thanks to many of you. You are therefore entitled to expect a legitimate payback. That is why, since January 1, 2018, the substantial revaluation of 5% of the basic salary of staff, after the one made at the beginning of the 2016 budget year, and the revaluation of mission expenses, are part of the Top Management’s adequate, measured and cautious response to concerns on improvement of living and working conditions of staffs. This response comes in addition to a series of other benefits concerning medical care for staff and their families, the payment of various bonuses (medals, special assignments ...) and the 13th month.

Similarly, the complete rehabilitation of the Head Quarter’s building has begun, in a view to give the Institution a facelift to live with its established reputation.

The financial sacrifices made by the NSIF are clearly not, a blank check, a premium for laziness, professional inefficiency or lack of discipline. They should be considered as a reward for all those who, throughout this ending year, have shown professionalism and self-sacrifice, through their involvement in the work and support to clients.

I seize this occasion to congratulate those of you who have contributed to the achievement of this noble mission. I urge those who missed the train of modernity of the NSIF and those who are slow to follow, to pull themselves together and get to work. We must all participate in the fulfilment of our mission: to serve Cameroonians and social insured persons.


The forthcoming year, 2019, should enable us to further achieve the objectives of our strategic plan. Our challenges are still the same: the implementation of all ISSA guidelines on quality of service, governance, modernisation and extension of social security coverage to the greatest number. I know I can count on your full involvement in work so as to meet these new challenges imposed by the modernisation cycle of the NSIF.

The time has now come for me to wish you, your families and all your loved ones the very best for 2019. May this New Year be for all of you, a year of peace, prosperity, health, great opportunities.

May the Almighty God give you the necessary energy to participate and continue to make the NSIF, a modern Institution, capable of fulfilling its missions with professionalism.

Happy Christmas feast and Happy New Year 2019.

Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame

Director General

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