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2015 Race of hope: the NSIF was there!

Written by thomas.tang on .

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mt cam cnps crewOn February 14th, 2015 in Buéa, some athletes of the organization, including the managing director, took part in the sports jamboree.

The climbing of Mount Cameroon was once more in the spotlight. It took place on Saturday 14th February 2015 in Buéa, in the Cameroon Southwest. The event enables a healthy emulation of sportspersons from various backgrounds. In addition to the 500 athletes who were in the senior class, some athletes were in the veteran class, as it is called. Four athletes, among the best of the National Social Insurance Fund, were in this last class, including the managing director Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame.


Wearing proudly the number 220, the NSIF manager ended the race ranking 46th… out of around a hundred competitors. He respected the route planned for the veteran class, while staff members from Yaoundé, Buéa and Limbe as well as the public at large encouraged him in a sustained way. Gold medallist in the Olympic walking event at the organization Olympics, which took place from May 30th to June 1st, 2014, Jean Manga Owono, for his part, enjoyed the competition in the senior class.


The event is at the same time a 42 km marathon, cross-country running, and trek in the mountain. It begins on flat ground between the Molyko stadium and the foot of the mountain. Next, athletes go through a thick and humid forest to reach the first refuge, at an altitude of 1, 875 m. Then, they end up at the foot of the magic tree (second refuge). At the third refuge, oxygen becomes rarefied. Between the third refuge and the top, the thermometer stands around 0°.


According to sportspersons, to climb down is a high-risk event. They climbed down on all fours or helped by a peg. The NSIF champion, who works at the Nanga-Eboko SIC, is therefore, deserving of praise for he ran up to the third refuge on a route he barely knew. Besides, the main thing was to participate.


Mount Cameroon, or Chariot of the gods is a Cameroonian mountain, which is 4, 100 metres at its highest point. Considered to be the 10th highest mountain in Africa, it has housed, since 1973, this climbing that became a cult with national and international athletes taking part in it. The event, named “Race of hope” in 1996, is now a showcase for sport, culture and ecotourism in Cameroon. As a reminder, Godlove Gabsibuin (men) and Yvonne Ngwaya (women) were the first to climb down the mountain this year.



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