Declaration and registration of domestic workers



The Director General of the NSIF hereby informs the general public that anyone employing domestic workers is required to declare and register them with the NSIF, and also pay the relevant social contributions.

This is a legal, social and moral obligation towards these modest people at their service, and aims to safeguard their rights, particularly with regard to the social benefits provided by the NSIF (family allowances, coverage of occupational diseases and accidents, retirement pensions, etc.).

The Director General of the NSIF therefore urges all persons concerned, both employers and domestic workers themselves, to fulfil the above obligations without delay. This can be done at any Social Insurance Centre or directly online at

After the month of September 2022, systematic investigations and controls will be carried out throughout the country, and all the measures provided for by the texts in force will be rigorously applied.

The Director General counts on the understanding of all citizens.

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