The NSIF overview with Télésud


The Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF), Noël Alain Olivier MEKULU MVONDO AKAME granted an interview last Friday, 11 March 2022 to the TV channel Télésud.

The Director General as every Friday in a casual outfit wearing the NSIF colours, joined us at the meeting room of his office to answer questions from the journalist SOUKAINA SKALI, who was accompanied by André AGID, the Director of this channel based in Paris. Thirty minutes were enough to give a clear overview of the Institution in charge of Social Security in Cameroon. The issues included investments, remote working, voluntary insurance and the remuneration of staff for their efforts to achieve the Institution's objectives.

Relating to investments, the Director General expressed his ambition and willingness to pursue the said investments in buildings, for the sustainability of the benefits payment due to the social insured persons in strict compliance with the regulations of the Inter-African Conference on Social Insurance (CIPRES). In response to the question of how the NSIF has been able to continue to provide benefits to the insured persons despite the economic difficulties due to Covid-19; the DG answered: "The strategies implemented from a number of years enabled us to maintain and continue to pay social benefits on time without any problems or delays, despite the difficulties experienced by companies in all sectors of activity”.

He concluded by reminding us that "the issue of gender is not so much a matter of equality, but of valuing the specificity of women, who are the driving force behind daily action, cohesion and social peace", and that he is very committed to promote the rights of women, that were celebrated last 8 March.