SOLIDARITY AT CHRISTMAS: 80 gifts for the pleasure of sick children at the Essos Hospital Centre

The NSIF organised a ceremony to offer gifts to children admitted at the Essos Hospital Centre in Yaounde, this 24th December 2021.

Once again, the Christmas tradition was respected by Mr Alamine MEY, Director of the Essos Hospital Centre (CHE), with the aim of putting a smile on the faces of some eighty sick children in intensive care, maternity, paediatrics and neonatology wards in his hospital. A gesture of love that brings joy to these sickly kids who, for the most part, have missed the events organised by their respective schools and who are far from their family milieu. These little ones expressed their joy: “I am very happy with the gift I have just received, it is a surprise for me because I did not expect to receive gifts from the hospital where I am admitted”, says Stacy Nkoumou, aged 8.

This 2021 gift ceremony was special at the CHE as even sick kids who came for consultation received presents to brighten up their Christmas celebration. In keeping with the tradition of the nativity feast, Father Christmas distributed a variety of gifts such as toys in strict compliance with the barrier measures. "This traditional ceremony takes place this same time every end of the year as you know. It is about supporting and bringing a little comfort to hospitalized children who cannot enjoy Christmas festivities at home.  This year, in order to avoid the spread of the pandemic with the upsurge of cases in our country, we have decided to limit the tour. Nevertheless, this gesture is a word of hope that brings a lot of joy and warmth to these children,” the Director of CHE emphasised.

Christmas should be a time of joy and happiness for the children, which is why “Father Christmas” did not forget the kids admitted in the hospital. This social action of our Health facility gave them back a smile, a smile which will contribute to their fast recovery. Merry Christmas to the little ones!

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