Two NSIF workers are attending training in Abidjan

Digitisation and e-services

Eric Georges Ndjeng Nkolo and Daouda Abdoulaye, respectively Chief of Studies and Development Unit at the Information Systems Department (DSI) and Deputy Chief of Documentation and Archives Unit at the DAG, are participating in a training seminar held under the patronage of the Inter-African Social Insurance Conference (CIPRES).

Committed to the path of modernity, of which digitisation is one of the essential links, the NSIF choose to never be absent from the meetings where innovation is implemented. Thus, two of its personnel are currently in Grand Bassam in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, where they are taking part in a training seminar on "e-services and digitisation" from  June 24, until June 28. 2019.

In fact, it is following the invitation of CIPRES that NSIF, like the other Social Insurance Institutions (OPS) of the 17 affiliated countries, is represented in this seminar. The initiative of the Inter-African Social Insurance Conference is part of its actions in support of OPS.

NSIF representatives will explore innovative approaches to the digitisation of processes, with a particular focus on the implementation of digitisation of information media, the design and development of online services.

 In terms of methodology, the organisers planned that the seminar, in its practical phase, will be based first and foremost on the sharing of experiences in digitisation of the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) in Paris, France; an Institution that two leaders are the main facilitators of the training. Then, the seminar will go on various themes such as the challenges of service relationship, customer segmentation for an improvement of client relationship, identification of digitisation targets, prioritisation of digitisation choices, the design and development of online services.

 The appropriation of all these concepts by NSIF representatives will undoubtedly make it possible to improve the quality of our online services and, consequently, the quality of the services provided to clients.

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